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Digitus will continuously monitor the health of your IT infrastructure and manage its growth. Digitus Monitoring Tool will maximize uptime as the resolution is based on the information captured through monitoring. Call us at (845) 562-0036!

Managed Monitoring Services

Data drives your business systems and processes. To solve problems and maximize availability & performance of your business systems you must first have access to extensive details on the daily operation of your IT service infrastructure. We will empower you with this information and knowledge by monitoring, collecting and disseminating data on availability and performance from your disparate sources and assets across your IT infrastructure from end to end.

We provide the following:

Digitus will continuously monitor the health of your IT infrastructure and manage its growth.Monitoring Tool will maximize uptime as the resolution is based on the information captured through monitoring. Monitoring Tool will enhance the security of infrastructure by Integrating with leading antivirus providers, patch management, security auditing, alerting and reporting. Monitoring Tool helps in improving the performance of IT infrastructure by Identifying trouble spots that influence employee productivity. Monitoring Tool helps to Control the assets and helps you to prove to the authorities exactly what IT assets you do have and the value.

To help increase the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, we offer the following monitoring services:

Server Monitoring

Server monitoring serves as one of the most critical components of Server Management. To ensure system’s error free productivity, it is important to constantly monitor the status of managed servers. Our remote server monitoring services brings you the following:

Remote monitoring of all warning events and error that get generated on the server giving us enough time to pro actively analyze the server and provide suitable action plan to eliminate or minimize the downtime. Analyze and monitor the hardware components of the server like CPU (version and clock speed), all hard disk drives (i.e. total used and free disk space). Installed software’s at customer site like windows update history, service pack and the version of the windows operating system. All windows event that get generated can be customized by applying appropriate configuration for the following columns Event Log.

Network Monitoring

By conducting rigorous 24x7 network monitoring sessions, our taskforce of Microsoft Certified Computer Experts and Cisco Certified Network Administrators take a deep insight into ongoing status of your network. This is primarily done to identify potential system bottlenecks before they actually lead to any anomaly.

We configure everything back at our location. Once configured for maximum results, our Digitus engineers easily notify when your server goes down or a user alters their configuration or a possible security threat comes about.

Our complete process of network monitoring also offers you an effective method to implement and enforce policies throughout your IT environment. Everything is operated, managed, powered through a centralized console. Our work is available for your review and you can also proactively monitor all of the servers, workstations and remote computers.

Event log Monitoring

With the Event Logs, our professional system administrators derive data about your system components and monitor specific event, categories, and event IDs on a local or remote computer from a centralized console. This is done to identify and diagnose the source of current system errors and potential resource bottlenecks to secure your network from internal attacks and other security threats.

Other add-ons of our Event Log Monitoring Suite are CPU, Monitoring and Disk Utilization Monitoring. It is done to monitor the chief health parameters of server components such as CPU, memory and Disk Utilization which in return helps us to alert you regarding events of low disk space, high CPU utilization etc thereby preventing server outages.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Digitus offers an Infrastructure Monitoring Suite for a qualitative and quantitative assessment of your sever to prevent unnecessary and time consuming server problems and tune it for smarter productivity. Everything is maintained by our elite taskforce of Microsoft Certified Computer Experts and Cisco Certified System Administrators who monitor and analyze your network resources via a centralized console – 24x7.

Using Digitus’s Managed monitoring services can provide the following benefits:

Maximized uptime
Proactive vs. reactive
Increased accountability
Increased staff utilization
Improved network’s performance
Increased responsiveness
Make informed financial decisions
Increased security

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