We provide a full range of services to all of our clients both business and residential. We also offer custom quotes on any Consulting and discounts on multiple computer repair and support services. Call us today at (845) 562-0036


We provide a full range of services to all of our clients both business and residential. We also offer custom quotes on any Consulting and discounts on multiple computer repair and support services. Contact us today and speak with one of our experienced representative.

  • Computer Sales, Installation & Servicing
  • Server & Network Installation/Setup
  • Virus and Adware Removal
  • Virus and Adware Protection
  • Computer and Laptop Repair
  • Performance Tune-Up
  • Computer and Laptop Upgrades
  • Custom Computer Building
  • Wireless Network Setup and Security
  • Printer and Peripheral Setup
  • Software Installation
  • Business Services
  • Maintenance Plans

Computer Installation / Setup

Not sure what to do with your new computer? Let us handle it. We will uncrate and setup all equipment including monitor, computer, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and any additional peripherals shipped with the computer.

As an additional service, we will go through the start-up procedure and get through the initial settings and questions that are associated with first time starts. We will also go ahead and check for updates, install anti-virus and adware software so that you are protected from day one.

Virus and Adware Removal

Computer viruses and adware are Internet hazards that can lead to some of the biggest issues on a computer. They come from a large number of sources and can seem legitimate on the surface but can create hardware, software and security issues on an infected machine.

Our technicians are well versed in virus and adware detection and removal on any computer system. We have an assortment of software and procedures that will root out and remove any infection on any computer. In addition to the removal of the infection, we also provide free versions of Grisoft AVG and Adware. If you wish to install alternative Anti-Virus or Adware solution, we can obtain licensing for you at the retail rate for that software.

All registered/paid versions of software that are provided by the client must have proper licensing.

Computer and Laptop Repair

Whether your machine just won't start up, or you have the dreaded blue screen error, we can get your computer back in working order! We also specialize in laptop repair for PCs and Macs!
Computer problems come in a variety of types and show an even larger number of symptoms. We have the experience and knowledge needed to deal with any problem. Give us a call today and speak with a technician regarding your specific problem. We are happy to help!

Performance Tune-Up

Over time, computers can become bogged down by a number of things including software, temporary files, and even general clutter. Our performance Tune-Ups look at a large number of computer slow down causes and works to clean them up.

  • Is your computer taking longer than normal to start up?
  • Does it take more than it used to loading a program?
  • Does your computer feel generally sluggish?

We can help! We go through your computer and remove temoprary files that tend to build up over time. We also perform standard maintenance on the computer itself including removing unneccesary programs that are set to start automatically. Overall, you will see improvements in the time needed to start your computer and its overall responsiveness in day to day usage.

Computer and Laptop Upgrades

Upgrading your computer is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a new computer and extends the life span of your existing machine. We offer a full range of computer upgrades from hard drive to memory and video to processor, we do it all!

Video Card Upgrades:
Upgrading your video card is a great to way speed up and increase the quality of streaming video, games, and in some cases the general responsiveness of your computer. This is a Desktop upgrade only.

Memory (RAM) Upgrade:
This is an essential upgrade for any sluggish machine. More memory means easier multi-tasking and quicker response times from any machine. This is even more important when upgrading to newer versions of Windows. Are you running Vista? Do you have enough memory? Call us today and we can get your computer running faster and smoother.

Sound Card Upgrades:
Every computer comes with speaker ports, but why stop there? Computers today can have the same phenomenal quality of sound as expensive home theater systems for a lot less! This is great for gaming and multimedia purposes in the home and office. Laptop upgrades generally require the addition of a removable PCI card.

Hard Drive Upgrades:
More space is always a good thing! We can upgrade your computer to add even more space for your work, photos, music, and movies. Hard drive upgrades come in two flavors:

 Primary Upgrade:
This service replaces the existing hard drive and requires a fresh installation of the operating system. With this service, we would backup the files that you want from your old drive and install the new one. Once the Operating System is installed and everything is setup, we provide a DVD with your backed up files.

Adding a Second Hard Drive:
This service is much less invasive to your current computer setup and falls under the standard Tech Bench service and is offered as a standard On-Site service. We simply mount the new drive and get it setup on your machine as a second hard drive. This is a great way to add extra storage for any need.

Processor / Motherboard Upgrades:
These are listed together as about half of our installs are on older machines where the upgrade potential of the original motherboard is below where the client wishes to be. We offer upgrade for processors on orignal motherboards as well as complete motherboard and processor replacement. This service includes the upgrade as well as installation of all appropriate drivers and testing to ensure system stability. This is currently a Desktop upgrade only.

Custom Computer Building

Buying a computer can be a daunting task. Let us help! We use high quality parts to ensure that your machine will have a long reliable life regardless of whether you're looking for a machine to access the Internet or a cutting edge performance powerhouse.

How It Works:
Custom computer building services start with an over the phone consultation so that we can pin point exactly what you need in a computer. Once this is done, we will spec out and provide a quote on the cost to build including parts, labor and software licensing. We may also provide an optional list of upgrades from the original quote so you have some additional choices. Once you approve the build, we will move into the build phase. Since we can buy parts locally and wholesale, the build phase may vary in time depending on your choices. Most builds only take 2 business days unless additional shipping time is needed for parts.

Wireless Setup and Security

Wireless connections are the most popular and convenient way to connect to other computers and the Internet. They can also be some of the most confusing to setup, especially when dealing with security. We simplify the whole process and setup your computers so that you have a safe, secure connection in your home or business.
We provide sales and installation of wireless routers, installation of client provided routers and security setup on existing wireless systems. We will also walk you through how to add additional computers to the network and provide a write-up of all router settings.

Printer and Peripheral Setup

Do you have a new printer, digital camera, scanner or other gadget that you need to hook up to your computer? Give us a call. We will come out to your location and install all software and connect any peripheral that you have. We will also give you a quick walkthrough on usage for most installed items.

  • Peripherals Supported:
  • All Printer Makes and Models
  • Digital Cameras
  • Digital Camcorders
  • Scanners
  • Speakers
  • External Drives
  • MP3 Players including all types of iPods

Software Installation

We offer a full range of software installation services. Each piece of software is unique and has a different procedure that is followed when installing it onto a machine. Let us take care of it for you!
We provide installation of client provided software programs that have proper licensing as well as sales and installation of software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, AV, Anti-Virus, and other programs. Call for more information.

Business Services

In addition to our standard computer repair services we also offer a full range of business services to meet any need. Business services can generally run the gamut of computer setup, server maintenance, computer and server backup and more.

  • Services Include:
  • Wired Network Installation and Expansion
  • Wireless Network Installation and Integration
  • New Workstation Builds
  • Workstation Installations
  • Workstation Maintenance
  • Network Planning
  • Server Maintenance and Updating
  • Server Upgrades
  • Server Installation
  • Router, Switch, and Firewall
  • Software Installation
  • Voice/Video/TV over IP
  • Internet Café
  • Copier, Binding & Fax

Please note that most non maintenance jobs are quoted based on need. The pricing below reflects the general pricing, however may not hold for each job.

Maintenance Plans

Why worry about your computer? Let us handle it. We offer several different types of maintenance plans to fit your needs. Our maintenance services cover both hardware and software to make sure your machine is at peak performance.

Our Maintenance Plans are offered on a 3 month rotating schedule. They provide a full spectrum preventative maintenance visit scheduled every 3 months to perform physical maintenance to each machine as well as updating and error checking to ensure that each machine is running at optimum performance. This reduces the possibility of hardware and software failure and extends the life of your machines. We also offer a 15-20% discount on all additional services rendered during the length of the contract. In addition to this value savings, we also provide priority and after hours services* to our Maintenance Plan clients.

Why Choose a Maintenance Plan:
Preventative Maintenance: We perform both physical and software maintenance to keep your machine running at peak performance. Computers left unattended increase the chance of hardware and software failure. We also regularly review machine logs for errors and items that may point out potential issues and hardware/software failure.

Discounts on Services!: Save 15-20% on all additional services during the length of your contract.

Emergency Service: 24-7 Emergency Service available for Maintenance Plan clients*

Unlimited Phone Support

Keeps Your Computers Up-To-Date: We ensure that your machines receive all important security and updates to Windows and all major software loaded on your machines.

Stay Virus Free!: We regularly run manual scans for virus and malicious programs to keep your data safe and secure. We also review automated virus and malware scan logs to keep track of infections and advise on potential security risks.

Less Downtime!: With our full spectrum of maintenance services, you experience less downtime as we catch problems before they happen. This allows you to work on the things that are important to you and your business without worrying about potential issues.

Protecting your Data: We regularly check and test any integrated backups to ensure your data’s integrity. No need to worry about a hardware failure as your data is safe and secure.

Diagnostic Fee:

On-Site Service:
Starts at $99.99 / hour